Monday, 4 August 2008

New Film!

So Slush has proved to be a success and you may see it cropping up in various places on the net and maybe TV (most recently the trailer was featured on Shralp! which was nice!).

And so, after the success of Slush, Pilchard Productions (also known as Ben Howells) has a new film in the works over the summer, titled 'Scenes'. Moving away from the documentary format a little and mixing more action in with the talking, 'Scenes' will be a portrayal of the UK cable wakeboard scene through the talented local riders at cable centres across the country. To keep up to date on it's progress and find out when we will be filming at your local cable wakeboard centre, take a look at!


1 comment:

chester.r said...

i just saw the slush vid and thought it was amaising. i was there when you were filming in cairngorm, i was the anoying kid from wales with the skis haha but yea loved the vid and think it would be awsome if you did a film about the dryslope scene in britain. It would be good if you could get to pontypool dryslope.